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January Newsletter

What's Up In January?
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Closed - Martin Luther King Holiday
National Lutheran School Week
Children sing at Calvary Worship Service

January 1, 2014
January 2, 2014
Week of January 13, 2014
January 20, 2014
Week of January 26, 2014
January 26, 2014

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Parent-Teacher Conferences start the week of January 13. We are asking parents to participate by doing two things.
1. The Cappers Foundation has a wonderful website we are planning on utilizing this year in our parent-teacher conferences so that you, as parents, play a more significant role in the conference. Go to and click on the line for Ages and Stages Questionnaire. It will ask you to input your child's birthdate and if he/she is premature. After entering the information and click on submit. It will take you to the next screen, click on the blue highlighted sentence to print out the form. Answer the questions on the form, you can also go back and answer the questions on line and click on enter your results. The site will calculate your answers and reply through your email address as to where your child is in the milestone criteria, as well as red flag any areas of concern.
2. Please bring a hard copy of your child's filled out questionnaire to the Parent-Teacher conference with you so that your child's teacher and you can compare thoughts and answers regarding your child's progress and where his/her milestone is.
After the conference, you can also enter your child's teacher's copy into the website.
We hope by incorporating this new process will not only include your input more during the conference time, but also provide you with a better understanding of where your child is at developmentally.
A sign-up sheet will be posted January 6th on the sign in sheet in your child's classroom for times of the conferences. These conferences will last only about 20 minutes. If you feel you need additional time with your child's teacher, please let the teacher know so that we can schedule outside of conference times to give you additional time.

Closed January 20, 2014
We will be closed for Martin Luther King's birthday to give staff an opportunity to clean and reorganize their classrooms. We will reopen the following day.

National Lutheran School Week
National Lutheran School Week kicks off Sunday, January 6, 2014 with the center's children singing for the 10:30 service at Calvary along with an CLLC Art Gallery display in the church as well. The art gallery will display the artwork the children have made so far during this school year.
Children will need to be at the church by 10:15 but are invited to come to Sunday School if they wish which starts at 9:15 a.m.
There will be an event each day of the week in celebration of National Lutheran School Week. Monday, 27th - Lift off! Wear your CLLC school t-shirts! We will also have a balloon lift off that morning (weather permitting), 28th - Hat and Tie day, check your Dad's closet for old ties and wear your favorite hat along with the tie, 29th Crazy Hair Day - it's your day to come with the craziest hair style as your parents will permit, 30th - Dress Up Day - Dress up as your favorite character. The full day classes will have an Afternoon cookie snack with the Senior Bible Class (so rest time will start a little late that day) and finally on Friday, 31st - Bring your favorite book to school. We may not get them all read, but will give the children time to show their books to their friends. We hope this is not only a fun week, but also a week of recognition of the impact Lutheran schools have made in this country. The Lutheran Church was one of the first organizations to start schools in this country.

Extra T-shirts
If you had forgotten to order or didn't get a chance to order school t-shirts for your child, (we have a couple of adult denim shirts also) and would like to do so, we have extra in the office. We will also put them out January 2 in the hallway on a table if you would like to purchase one.

Extra Changes of Clothes
Please check your child's cubby to make sure there are two complete sets of clothing for your child. When the county surveyor came out last month we found several cubbies either without extra clothing or only one change. Your child feels more comfortable in their own clothes than wearing our extras if they have an accident or get their clothes messy.

Weather Closings
As changeable as the weather is, remember that we follow the Seaman school district closing due to weather. I will try to put our center's name on the four TV stations, but sometimes they are slow in getting it posted. Also, it snows and the temperature allows us to go out and play in it, your child will need snow boots.

. . . . and they say the cutest things
One little girl looking at Miss Debbie's sweatshirt with snowmen on it asked "Why are you wearing that sweat shirt? It's not Christmas anymore" "Why do you think it's for Christmas?" asked Miss Debbie. "It's got snowmen on it" was her reply.

Taking the children into the gym while breaking the teachers for their lunches, one child sat down on the sit and spin, spinning himself into oblivion. Miss Debbie, bending over checking on him, asked " Are you dizzy?"

"No", came the reply, "I'm gizzy." "Oh", said Miss Debbie, "You mean you are d -i-z -z y (emphazing the letter d)."

"NO!, I'm gizzy" came back the emphatic reply. Can anyone give us the definition for gizzy?

For additional information or questions concerning the CLLC contact - Brenda Zimmerman, Director 783-2121 or e-mail at

Print and fill out enrollment forms and submit to Calvary Lutheran Learning Center at the above address, attention Brenda Zimmerman.
All forms are in pdf format.

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